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Position Place
Test Engineer (BU LiveBank)Kraków
Test Engineer (BU LiveBank)Bielsko-Biała
Test Engineer (BU LiveBank)Rzeszów
Scrum Master (LiveBank)Kraków
Business ConsultantKraków
Business AnalystKraków
Account Manager (LiveBank)Warszawa
Frontend Developer (BU Apps)Kraków
Java Developer Senior SSO (Telco)Warszawa
Java Developer Regular (Telco)Bielsko-Biała
Java Developer Regular (Telco)Warszawa
Java Developer Senior (Telco) / Bielsko-BiałaBielsko-Biała, Katowice
Java Developer Senior (Telco) / Bielsko-BiałaKielce
Java Developer Senior (Telco) / Bielsko-BiałaWarszawa
Asystent/ka Działu AdministracjiWarszawa
Asystent/ka Działu AdministracjiRzeszów
IT Project ManagerKraków
IT Project ManagerRzeszów
IT Project ManagerBielsko-Biała
IT Project ManagerWarszawa
Java Software Developer (AppS)Kraków
Java Software Developer (AppS)Rzeszów
Sales Manager (LiveBank)Warszawa
Sales Manager (LiveBank)Kraków
Tester Manualny (Telco)Kraków
Młodszy Specjalista ds. AdministracjiKraków
Sales&Support Specialist (Hoteliga)Kraków
Software Engineer Java (Big Data) - BU AppsKraków
Inżynier Systemowy (systemy telekomunikacyjne)Kraków
Inżynier Systemowy (systemy telekomunikacyjne)Bielsko-Biała
Sales Manager (LiveBank)Rzeszów
iOS Developer (BU iLumio)Kraków
Automation Tester (BU Apps)Kraków
Android Developer (LiveBank)Kraków
Android Developer (LiveBank)Bielsko-Biała
Android Developer (LiveBank)Rzeszów
DevOps Engineer (BU Telco)Kraków
DevOps Engineer (BU Telco)Bielsko-Biała
Tester Manualny (Telco)Bielsko-Biała
Mobile (Android) Developer/Team Leader (Telco)Bielsko-Biała
Mobile (iOS) Developer/Team Leader (Telco)Bielsko-Biała
Specjalista ds. Wdrożeń (LiveBank)Kraków
.NET Software Engineer (iLumio)Kraków
Java Developer Regular SSO (Telco)Bielsko-Biała
Java Developer Regular SSO (Telco)Warszawa
Java Developer Senior SSO (Telco)Bielsko-Biała