Integration trip 2015

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During an October weekend, we enjoyed our integration trip at the very feet of the Tatras! 🙂

There were many attractions waiting for us in the Chochołowska Valley. We took part in team games, with numerous competitions. We played volleyball, football, we shot bows, we rode quads and Segways, we cut wood, hammered nails and even made our own oscypek cheese! That’s not all. The craziest competition was the one where the participants stood face to face with a bull! 🙂 It was totally worth it! This can certainly be confirmed by the winning team, who received congratulations and an award from our company president, Rafał Styczeń.

After the all-day sensations, we were hosted by the Regionalna Restaurant at Nosalowy Dwór. The banter, laughter and dancing went on well into the night!